[Nothing changed]

Author: Nida /

2008 07 11 15.50

That night the rivers of the sky floated waters to one and only point. Their deltas adjoined in an ivory centre and there was no difference whether you'll trow a speck in the rise, near the banks or right into the delta, it would still surely reach the creamy spot where it all ends.
My spine revived as a dragon under the sky full of floating rivers. The dragon was covered in marble - green scales and had burning red mane, it's color reflecting in his eyes. It rose from my body, my slightly curved back, dissected the thick clouds hiding the waters and, shining in all his mightyness, dived straight into the ivory centre.
The moment when it's rough tail end dissappeared in the swirl I felt the tide painfully bursting within me. The water raging, all studded with emerald spikes, it was screaming and splashing until there were no dry spot all around.

The end came as suddenly as the start.
And after it there were only one thought left:
"Nothing changed."

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