Author: Nida /

I am ashes where once I was fire.
 - Lord Byron

Not necessity, not desire, no, the love of power is the demon of men.
 - Friedrich Nietzche

Seduction is merely encouraging the man to do something he already wants to do.
 - Lisa Kleypas

2014 07 08 9.19 pm

Ophelia steps into the water and feels a shiver coursing through her body. Somewhere there, beneath the surface of the water, another girl opens her eyes and starts a memory - a dream - a journey. She sees his arms, follows every sculpted line and wishes - if for a moment - to become a chill that would make the hair on his body quiver. She sees him and it seems that this feeling has been there forever. And it's not overwhelming, not destroying - it is just soft and daring. Makes her want to lightly touch his cheek and smile.
She feels the tingle too. The tingle which Ophelia would have never understood. As if it never existed in her days. Or maybe it did and she chose the river because of it.
So many questions and no answers. Ophelia gives herself to the river and floats away. But he is still left there. Like a horizon in the storm, which might be unreachable, might be even an illusion, but from a distance, she has to admit, still very mesmerizing.