[ How easy??]

Author: Nida /

2008 04 23 14.39

.... Bandė dainuoti grūsto stiklo prikimšta gerkle....

I'll trow away all the furniture,
glasses, carpets even the
wall paint.
No room for that.
I'll trow away the curtains,
flowers, bedroom clothing.
Wrong. Too old. Let's start.
I want a little table.
All painted up with leaves
And sunny yellow.
I want a pile of pillows,
cosy lights.
I want a window sill.
A dog
Some warmth.
And lots of tea.

I close my eyes and start to count.

In the end, I'll reach the alley of the paper - covered trees.
I'll make a bed for Gods.
I'll sing, despite the broken glass.

Raudonas vakaro dangus nereiškė nieko. Net tylos.

When the world ends, will you be there, by my side??