[The Dead Dunes]

Author: Nida /

2008 07 06 21.04

Those, who left, just don't fit his thoughts.
Those, aboarding the first ship that ever comes to their small creak.
Those, who name the reasons one after another:
The fish that went;
Their nets all rotten by the furious wind;
Fire, stealing buildings and their home;
A man lost forever to the sea.
Never the reason.
Never the reason it was for him, for Endrew of the Sands.
All of the reasons were written in his past, even in his face, his eyes.
But still he glared to those alining in the port.
counted their luggage and treir reasons of disgrace.
Even when the sand just took their village, their houses and treir port,
he used to come there and remember the faces of the ones, who left.
The never - forgiving mighty Sea God trapped in sands.
Until one someone decided to come back.
That someone, named Joanne, wanted it back. The village and the sea, the fish, the nets, the sand.
Her childhood stolen by the parents wish.
Instead, she found just him, drowning in black grudge, like their village in the sand.
He became her village and the sea,the fish, the nets, the sand.
Endrew was healed from unforgiveness.
Not instantly, after some years of curses and denial.
After admiting that not all things, that don't fit your thoughts, can't live banished from them.
In the end, he tranfered people from the book of those who left, to the book of those, who lived proudly in their village, swallowed by the sand.
And read the story to his children.
And their children children.
Always adding in the end:
"The only two highly floating things are your thoughts, reflecting in your future like a silhouette on water,
and the sand."

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