[the Fall]

Author: Nida /

2008 03 05 17.09
living in the musical ambience

2 days to Fall
catch yourself
smiling for no reason
in a crowded bus.
lazy morning
one finger hanging
on the horizon

1 day to Fall
anxiety kicks in
storming the sorroundings
hitting buildings
knocking people
innocent and Wild

17 hours to Fall
breathing air
tight as a guitar string
locks the lungs
knowing squeeks
in the corner of the mind

9 hours to Fall
everything blurrs
denial and no sense
becomes a constelation in the sky
a penguin trowing pebbles
at the rhythm of the ice

55 minutes to Fall
ignorance is everything
you see no light
you hear no sound
common things
grab the wheel

23 minutes to Fall
roundabout come back
to the first day of your life
suspition fades
leaving just
homeland pureness

6 minutes to Fall
the pencil slips
from the edge of the sheet

children playing in the puddles
people waiting in the station
train is late

59 seconds to Fall
reflection of the shadow
dances in your staring eyes
the unfamiliar man
walking down the street
towards you

3 seconds to Fall
watching yourself
weakly smiling
your glaring eyes
trowing fluffy rocks

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