[Hope is the synonym of Death]

Author: Nida /

2008 01 31

From embrace to embrace
Bouncing like a possessed ball.
Finding yourself
Huddled in messed up sheets.
With tangled hair, a tired glance
And loaded with self pity,
Useless in a ship
Deliberately lost at sea.

A tiny blooming cherry
Grows inside the heart.
Its branches crowding up your mind
And roots
That leave your hands
In fetter
For eternal moment

You try to toss,
To tear up the spreading tree,
Even to paint it all in black.
But it's only surface
A common grey plain
That absorbs the paint.
You're slowly dying
From thurst or hunger, maybe lack of air.

Nothing can be done,
Hope is the synonym of death.
You can't
Beat the unbeatable,
You can't avoid the Death,
Still bouncing like a ball
From one embrace to another,

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